Looking back at 2019: Warsaw

A small set of photos from a visit to my home city of Warsaw in January. I bought a Fuji X100F specifically for that trip (and as an everyday carry camera) and now I honestly don’t know how I lived without it. There are a billion detailed reviews of this camera on the internet so you can look it up if you’re curious. I can just say that for me it lives up to the hype. Although you can get amazing images from smartphones these days, I still like the idea of having a “real” camera on me, mainly because I am yet to see a smartphone that holds up to the winter cold in Northern Canada, and I hate dealing with touch screens in below zero temperatures. 

Ryszard Barylinski is a third-generation artisan brush maker. The brush shop on Poznanska street has been a fixture in Warsaw landscape since early 1950s. I dropped by there to pick up a couple of shoe polishing brushes. I asked if I could take a few photos. We ended up talking about cameras, brushes, and the history of the family brush shop, established by Ryszard’s grandfather.  

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