Weronika Murray is a photographer based in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Weronika has worked on a wide variety of stories in the North but her personal work often revolves around the issues of sustainability and impacts of climate change on northern communities. As someone who has lived in the Arctic full time since 2013 she has the perspective and local knowledge of someone who deals with northern issues every day. Weronika believes that Canada's North is often (mis)represented in the media by showing the two extremes - either the romanticized tourist bait like northern lights, igloos, and huskies, or the social issues and the darker side of life in Arctic communities. There is so much in between those two extremes that is rarely shown - that's what she hopes to capture in her work.
Weronika's work has been published in print and online by Canadian Geographic, National Geographic, The New York Times,  Up Here Magazine, Tusaayaksat Magazine, Running Magazine Romania, Running Malaysia Magazine, Montecristo Magazine, True North Photo Journal, and others.
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