6633 Arctic Ultra is a non-stop self sufficient foot race over a distance of 120 or 380 miles through the Canadian Arctic. It is considered one of the toughest and coldest ultra distance foot races in the world. Every year, the event attracts endurance athletes from all over the world. Less than 30% of the participants reach the finish line. Weronika Murray has be the official photographer for 6633 Arctic Ultra since 2017.

"I was 6 days into the event and up until that point, probably only had 10-12 hours of sleep. The last 25 km before Swimming Point were 6+ hours of hell where I was experiencing strong delirium and hallucinations. The ice road had become a deserted town that was overgrown with trees and bushes, much like you would expect to see in the towns around Chernobyl. The snowbanks became huge pumpkin plants with their leaves blowing in the wind, and 50 ft deep ravines would appear in front of me with no way to get around them. All this while heading up what looked to me to be a steep winding road. There must have been times when I was sleep walking because I woke myself up many times when I walked into a snow bank - on both sides of the road. And then there was the fog. I would be walking through the Chernobyl-like town and then suddenly, everything would go white like I was in a very dense fog. I could only look straight up, and it would be clear and I could see the Northern Lights.(...)"

- Scott Donatelli, 6633 Arctic Ultra finisher

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