Covid-19 emergency response: IFD decontamination unit at work

Last week I photographed my colleagues from the Inuvik Fire Department at the self-isolation facility set up in the Mackenzie Hotel while they fogged rooms with medical grade viricide. Room decontamination is a preventative measure to ensure safety of staff and guests staying at the facility.  Since the Northwest Territories borders were closed on March 22nd to prevent spread of Covid-19, everyone entering the territory has to undergo a 14-day quarantine in Yellowknife, Inuvik, Fort Smith, or Hay River. Returning residents are not allowed to self-isolate in the smaller communities to avoid overwhelming local health centres if they turned out to be infected,  and to ensure that they are close to a hospital for the duration of their 14-day self-isolation. So far there have been 5 cases of Covid-19 in the Northwest Territories, including 1 in Inuvik.

These images are a part of a project commissioned by the Government of the Northwest Territories. 

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